• Spatial planning interior design consultant

 Realize your dream space for you

  • Construction and Project management

Work with you to complete the entire project process, let you know more about each detail

  • Furnishing and Decoration

Provide you with the perfect furniture and accessories​

Step one-client consultation

‧ Call us or email us to get in touch

‧ Tell us your story

Step two-schematic design

‧ We will have the site survey for the further development

Step three-design development

‧Space planning {Concept and idea on the space design}

‧3D Rendering {Provide the simulation images}

‧Materials board {Feel the real texture & review the details}

Step four-construction documentation

‧Quality Control {Provide regular inspections for ensure the quality outcome}

Step five-construction administration

‧Complete Acceptance {Verify the final outcome & ensure the successful completion}